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Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue, a Challenge Free Game on Android

May 9, 2020

Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue, a Challenge Free Game on Android – If you are looking for a challenge game for your Android, you can try to play the Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue. This is a challenge game that is developed by the Gameloft. What is the main activity of the game? Well, this game will tell about the poacher that suddenly attacks the animals in their forest. In order to save the wild animal from the poacher, the player needs to rescue the animals and bring them to the zoo of the player. It sounds a little bit difficult but it will be so much fun and challenging to play.

The Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue has several interesting aspects that attract the player to play this game. The first one is the presentation of the game. Well, this game is developed with the amazing presentation that is made from the isometric view, detail of art, and filled with several colors. In addition, to make a real experience of animal rescue, this game provides the 3D models. So, the animal and the environment will feel so realistic and give real experience to the players. If the mission has been accomplished, the player can go to the next level. They are also able to purchase the equipment to help them for finishing their mission. Well, there are several types of missions.

Each type will have a different task. The missions are Into the Wild, Safari Around the World, Age of Dinosaurus, Create the Most Amazing Zoo and Repopulate the Wilderness. The first mission that should be finished is Into the Wild. In this mission, the player can enjoy the 3D animal and follow the origin story. After that, Safari Around the World will require the player to bring back the animal to the zoo by using 7 animal maps. The Age of Dinosaurus will require the player to save 9 dinosaurs from the pre-historic are. Create the Most Amazing Zoo will ask the player to arrange their zoo as an amazing zoo. And, the last one is Repopulate the Wilderness that requires the player to release the animal to their habitats.

In order to play this game, the player can download and install it from the Play Store. It’s a free game. In some versions, there will be some advertisements shown in the game. You can disable the advertisement by adjusting to the setting option of the phone.

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