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The Stories of Mom and Chef in Delicious Series

November 13, 2019

The Stories of Mom and Chef in Delicious Series – A time-management story, it is already common to have a cooking game with busy orders. Cook the dish, send it to the customers, and clean the tables; they are common things to do in such game. However, there is a series of time-management game that has an engaging story about dream, family, passion, love, and delicious dishes.
• Have Continuous Heartwarming Story

This series begins with the story of Emily, a chef that has a dream to make her own restaurant. She tries to pursue her dream by being a celebrity chef, being an intern in a famous restaurant, and going around the world. However, Emily also has some events with her family and love life that lead her to some decision about her dream. The heartwarming story will develop along with the levels you finish.

Not only Emily, sometimes you can play with other characters such as Emily’s dad and om, also her best friend, Francois. Sometimes you can play other games rather than cooking in restaurant such as serving in a hospital or in a spa. So, this game wins in the matter of variety game even though you may not find it.

• 50 Levels with Bonus Levels
In one series, you will need to complete 50 levels that are usually divided into five parts so in each part you will have 10 levels. Not only that, but you also can play the bonus levels so you can get more points to buy the kitchen tools or decoration, or diamonds to buy a present.

To make the game more exciting, each level may have a different challenge that will need more skill on time-management. You also need to catch the mouse since you will not want any mouse in your restaurant. Besides, the mouse will give you more points and you can unlock an achievement.

• Free to Play
All of these series of the game may not be free on its official website, but you can download the cracked version. You don’t need to pay anything from the game so it’s totally free. Some series of the game only can be played on the PC, but now you can download the game freely from play store since it has the android version now. The android version maybe not as complex as the PC version but it is still good and worth to play.
The game is worth to play since you can learn to manage your time efficiently and also get a good background story. Be ready to droll since this game is really delicious.

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