The Challenging Cave Story

The Cave Story is a platform game. This is an action game which demands the player to have various moves to avoid any barriers. The atmosphere of the game will remain you with the Castlevania game which the player meet different kinds of features of blocks, such as high platform, terrain, and blocks.

The History
The Cave Story is created by Daisuke Amaya. Amaya needs less five years to create and finish the whole aspects of the game. It can be said that Daisuke Amaya is the designer, writer and the composer of the Cave Story. The game itself was released in Windows PC in 2004.

Soon after the game released, it gains its popularity among the gamers. As a result of its popularity, the Cave Story has been remade into various version and series for commercial game brands, such as Nintendo, WiiWare, and DSiWare also more.

The Games
This game takes place in a floating island where the small rabbit looks like life. Those creatures are called the mimigas. In order to play the games, the player can jump, hop and run using the keyboard to control the character. The player has to escape from the floating island to save. There are many weapons which available in this game. The weapons have its level which can go up and down depends on the players act in defeating the enemy.

The player can collect man weapons during the game. He/she can activate the weapons by clicking the button. This game is fun because there are many variations that can make the player get surprised. In order to win the battle and escape from the island, the player must face various things and objects during the game.

The Cave Story is an offline game that can be freely downloaded through the internet. This PC game is interesting and challenging. The player has to try escaping from the island to survive.

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