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Shoot Without the Blood In TIME LOCKER-Shooter

July 2, 2020

Shoot Without the Blood In TIME LOCKER-Shooter – Shooter games can be super fun, but the gory details can put off some people. However, that doesn’t mean they need to be bloody to be entertaining. In fact, you can play an entertaining shooter game such as TIME LOCKER-shooter, which have interesting graphics and mechanics without the usual blood-spray in shooter games.

• Shooting Game, But You Can Pick Your Own Pace
As shooting games are a part of arcade game variety, it’s no wonder that people often thought of it as fast-paced games. And, depending on the person, fast-paced games will need at least a certain degree of concentration which induces stress to some. So, people whose eyes are bad with speed or tend to get stressed easily may not enjoy shooter games. except for TIME LOCKER, that’s it.

After all, TIME LOCKER-Shooter has an interesting gaming mechanics that only allows the preys to move when your fingers are moving on the screen. Otherwise, the game will stop as long as you don’t touch the screen, allowing some time to observe and plan where to shoot. This is such a perfect handicap especially when each prey have different running speed. After those online games in , there is finally an interesting game to play.

• Get More Relaxed With Natural Soundtracks
Another thing that makes this game super relaxing is the sound choice. The developer blends forest noises and urban sounds within the game. So, the gaming experience is definitely different compared to other shooting games. One may call it distinctive but in a pleasant way. You’d definitely want to wear earphones for the best experience!


• Collect Animals In Pretty Graphics
Remember when we said there will be no blood? Well, that’s because the graphic style simply will not allow it. Instead of realistic (or trying to be realistic) graphics, TIME LOCKER-Shooter uses geometric style with different shades of color for the animals/preys with simple gray and white background. So, the game will appeal simple and yet aesthetic. Plus, you don’t have to play the game to enjoy their aesthetic – simply shoot them, and they will show up in your collection More variety of animals you can shoot, more preys will be added to your collection.

Instead of blood, you’d see different types of animals in an aesthetic geometric style. Every time you shoot a new variety, you will add them to your collection. Plus, the game will only run as long as your fingers are moving on the screen – giving it an interesting mechanic to play with.

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