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Sail The Infinite Desert In Alto’s Odyssey

September 1, 2020

Sail The Infinite Desert In Alto’s Odyssey – Platformers often regarded as ‘lower-end game’, but they are actually perfect for casual gamers who are looking for some thrill without confusing controls. Besides, there exist platformers with quality design such as Alto’s Odyssey – a relaxing game that allows you to an instant adventure crossing sand dunes!
• Sail The Sands With Friends
In this game, players will have Alto (the main playable character) across obstacles in his journey. The controls are super simple, but there will be more combinations the further you go. However, generally speaking, Alto’s Odyssey leans to the relaxing side, so it can be enjoyed by casual and hardcore players alike without getting too boring.

Speaking of which, Alto will meet new friends that will accompany his journey – there will be six new selectable characters in total who had their own capabilities that will be useful in their trip. The journey started from plain deserts, then continued to different biomes such as temples and canyons. Feeling familiar? The same theme is often used for online games in.

• Eye-Catching Minimalistic Design
The first thing that catches the eyes in this game is the design. Yes, Alto’s Odyssey offers simple graphic style without minimizing the aesthetic value. Every time Alto progressed to a new biome, the color scheme will change.

However, what makes the game interesting is that the backgrounds are never truly ‘flat’ like some platformers can be. Instead, the designers took some care to make layers of the scenery, creating the impression that we are currently crossing a vast desert. On top of that, the shapes and colors are easy on the eyes, so you can play for a long time without straining the eyes.

• Don’t Forget To Wear Headphones
Did we mention beautiful, original soundtracks? This is the one thing that you can’t miss in Alto’s Odyssey! Not just the background music, the effects are also originally made by the developer. They especially recommend using headphones to fully enjoy the gaming experience.

If you want to truly enjoy the soundtracks while relaxing, you can also try and play with the Zen Mode. Here, you can play without worrying about scores, coins, nor power-ups. Instead, there is only Alto and serene original soundtracks sailing along the endless desert.

When we look for free games, it’s hard to find those with original soundtracks and graphic design with astounding quality. However, Alto’s Odyssey certainly fits the bill. If you like the game and want more, you can also try Alto’s Adventure, this time on snowy mountains. Happy gaming!

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