Trial Xtreme 4

If you like to bicycle, the Trial Xtreme 4 may become the right game for you. This game is quite popular because it can rush your adrenaline. In this game, the player will ride the bicycle and passing through the extreme bicycle tracking.

Trial Xtreme 4

About the Trial Xtreme 4
Trial Xtreme 4 is developed by Demmedya INC and can be played in any smartphone with a minimal operating system which runs in Android 4.1. At a glance, this game looks like the PC game but this android game is the simpler version of the PC game. The track is so challenging. The player has to jump, turn around and use various tricks to pass the bicycle tracks.
The first series of Trial Xtreme was launched in 2012. Unlike in the other series, in Trial Xtreme 4, the players can choose to race with other players rather than play by the single player. The player can race with another player to be the fastest ones. There are three modes which offered by the Trial Xtreme 4. You can try the practice mode and follow the instructions. It will help you to learn many tricks to win the game

The Virtual Buttons
There are 5 virtual buttons in Trial Xtreme 4. There are three buttons on the left sides and two buttons on the right sides. The left buttons are the right button, left button and hopping button. The right buttons are the brake and run buttons. The right and left buttons are used to position the rider in his motor trails. Hopping button is used to hop in the trail. The brake button uses to stop the motor trail. The run button uses to start the engine of the motor trail.

Trial Xtreme 4 is a free online android game which suitable for those who loves to pump their adrenaline and love with trails world. You can play this game on your android by running the virtual buttons.

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