Review of Audition Online

Audition online is free PC online game which quite legendary until nowadays. In this game, the player will be served by various genre of music from around the world. The player needs to push the button on their keyboard or mouse to synchronize the button which will appear on the screen with the selected music.

  • About the Audition Online
    Audition Online has other various names in some countries around the world. In Indonesia, you know this game as Ayo Dance. While in Japan, this game is known as X-BEAT. Audition Online is developed by T3 Entertainment. It publishes by YD Online in 2004 up to 2015. The Hanbitsoft takes over it’s publishing from 2015 up to present. The Audition Online game releases in several countries around the world, such as Korea, North America, United Kingdom, and Europe. It is an MMOG or multiplayer game which allows several players to play at the same time.
  • The History
    Audition Online is a music game which can be played freely in your PC or computer. T3 Entertainment developed and created this game. In 2005, Audition Online released to Royworld. Later on, took it on June 2006 and rename the game to be Club Audition. The game has been published to several counties outside Korea and rename into different titles. During its progress, Audition Online has changed into several publishers until it went into Hanbitsoft and become the official publishers until now.
  • The Game
    The player can create a room to dance. This layer will call as the DJ. He/she has the ability to choose the type of the song, mode, and others. The song chosen will be played based on the beat for a minute which will affect the difficulty of the moves and the speed.

The player just needs to follow the instruction on the screen by pressing the button in the keyboard or the mouse. There will be arrows on the screen, the players need to press the arrow and control key. The player needs to press it accurately to get a high score. There are some modes in Audition Online which can be selected by the player. They are Beat up, Beat Rush, Block Beat, Club Dance, Couple Mode, Boy’s & Girl’s, Shooting Stars and Guitar Mode.

Audition Online is a free online PC game which has a multiplayer mode. It is a simple and easy game. While playing the games, you can enjoy various genres of music from around the world. There are many game modes which can select by the player to play.

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