Powerful Countries in Middle East

Powerful Countries in Middle East

Powerful Countries in Middle EastMiddle East becomes popular place. However, it is popular not because of its beautiful place and good locations. In fact, people know about Middle East from the fact the area almost never stop the war. The area was also quite vast. It is the area that never finds peace. Every day, there can be conflicts, wars, murders, and other else. That is why the countries around the area of Middle East were so chaotic and these give birth to nations with excellent powers. These are some strongest countries in the area of Middle East.

First, there is Israel. Israel could have up to 170,000 armies or soldiers. In 2021, Israel also allocated around 16.6 billion dollars. Regardless of the power owned by Israel, the country has special conflict, and it is against Palestine. Until now, it is still unsolved and Israeli does not want to lose and leave the area that they have obtained. Even if there was no clear evidence, many people has known that Israel was supported by US. That is why the army of Israeli was so strong.

Next, there is Saudi Arabia. This may becomes special places from all Muslims in the world. The country led by King Salman never really wants to star and join war. It is different from Israel. There are around 480.000 active soldiers in the military defense. However, the main power is its planes. There are 899 planes with 279 war jets, and 50 planes for cargo. Although King Salman and people of Saudi Arabia love peace, it is still important to maintain strong defense so later there will not be any threats that occur during the ritual for Muslims.

Third is Iran. Recently, Iran tried hard to develop defense system. Their efforts in developing the defense industry made many countries angry. In term of military power, Iran has 525000 active soldiers. There are also tanks, steel-layered vehicles, war jets, and other inventories.

Powerful Countries in Middle East

Next, there is Egypt. Egypt gets the second place. This country has big numbers of army. There are 450,000 active armies, and there are also still 480,000 reserve armies that can be called whenever Egypt needs them. It is normal to have plenty of soldiers since total population of Egypt is around 104 million of people. For the military inventory, mostly there were war jet, cargo plane, and other kinds of inventory. In term of funds, it is predicted that Egypt spent around 10 billion dollars for the sector of defense.

Lastly and the strongest in Middle East, there is Turkey. It has become one of the strongest countries in Middle East and even in Asia. Turkey has 355,000 active soldiers and there are around 380,000 as the reserve teams in the army. As the military planes, there are 1056 planes consisting of, war jet, cargo planes, and war helicopter. There are also strong defense on the ground by having 3045 tanks.

Divogames – These are five strongest countries in the Middle East. They have strong military power and each of them has different characteristic. Even if the area of Middle East may not be comfortable, the government has prepared strong defense to maintain peace and sovereignty of the country.