Get A Nostalgic Trip Anywhere With John GBA Lite – GBA Emulator

Get A Nostalgic Trip Anywhere With John GBA Lite – GBA Emulator

Get A Nostalgic Trip Anywhere With John GBA Lite – GBA Emulator – Games are a big part in childhoods of many people. Though the games we play back then are not as advanced as those available today, they are still enjoyable to play while bringing all the nostalgia. However, you don’t need the old consoles to enjoy a trip to the past – emulators such as John GBA Lite can help you.

• Why Emulators?
Surely, every game has their own specified platform to play with. Retro games were especially clear with this – there are different types of consoles such as Atari, Game Boy, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation 1 to play with. Yes, they are ancient and we can’t even play online poker games through those devices.

However, with the advancement of technology, these consoles are now abandoned and people began sharing the game files for free on the internet. This is where emulators came in – you can play those retro games using emulators without the need of buying the consoles and connectors to set them up on newer screens. Plus, many effective emulators are free!

• What Can I Play With This Emulator?
Just like different consoles offering different games, different emulators offer different console types to play with. In this case, John GBA Lite especially offers an Android emulator for Game Boy and Game Boy Advanced games. It can be downloaded for free and super light (only 3,2 MBs!) Since GBA files are also light, you can download multiple games and play using this emulator without bogging down your smartphone no matter how inferior the memory space or the CPU is. It came with ads, but you can play without any interruption as long as you disable your internet connection while playing.

• Where Are The Games?
One thing to note is that this app only offers the emulator, not ready-play games. So, you have to download the games yourself before playing. This, of course, is an easy chore given that there are many sites that offer old game files for free. Try to look for Game Boy and Game Boy Advanced games in sites such as emuparadise, extract it from the .rar file to a folder, then search the game through the app – the game should appear and can be accessed immediately.

What’s interesting about emulators like this is that both the game and the emulator itself is super lightweight. So, you can cram a lot of old consoles (in this case, Game Boy and Game Boy Advance) games into your smartphone for free – quite a good deal for those who still enjoy retro games or simply want a nostalgic trip to their childhood.

Author: divo