GardenScapes Make the Garden Beautiful by Finding the Lost Things

GardenScapes Make the Garden Beautiful by Finding the Lost Things

GardenScapes: Make the Garden Beautiful by Finding the Lost Things – Decoration game will never be this interesting. You will befriend with Austin the Butler and his family and help him to find lost things requested by the neighbours. This game will make you addicted to searching the things and decorating the garden.

• The Sequel of Homescapes
This game is actually not the first game, but the sequel of a similar game, Homescapes. Austin the Butler is trusted to take care of a mansion. Unfortunately, the mansion is already in bad condition. The game player should look for things that are requested by the neighbours and they will pay. The money can be used to buy furniture, tiles, wallpapers, or anything to make the mansion beautiful.

Similar to that game, Gardenscapes also combines decorating and hidden object games, but in this game, the game player should decorate the garden and guess what, it is not a small garden. The player has lots of things to fix and the game will not be boring, just as you can’t get boring by playing online casino games and earn some real money isn’t boring at all.

• Engaging Story
This game also has an engaging story for the players. The story about Austin’s family and also how neighbours are connected with this mansion and garden are really touching. It feels that this is a true story and will make players help Austin more.

• Several Hints for You
Sometimes the goods are difficult to find but don’t worry, Austin gives you several hints that you can use. Just reach some points and the hints will be available for you or the hints will come up if you find special things. In Android version you can also buy a pack of hints, but you can also get some hints for free.

This game will definitely refresh your mental with its story, graphic, and music. It will help you to sharpen your skill too in finding the hidden object and decorating your house. Want to start now? Just download the pc or android version available for free.

Author: divo