Free Online Game, Fractured Space

If you are a game lover, you must be familiar with the multiplayer games. Fractured Space can be your choice if you want to play the multiplayer online games with space as the background. You will love with this game if you love to play multiplayer online battle arena games.

– About Fractured Space
It is an online game which allows you to battle the capital spaceships in the team. The Fractured Space is developed and published by Edge Case Games. This game is played in a team and can be played by more than 10 players in a team. This game is a breakthrough in multiplayer online games which included shooter and spaceship with an attractive galactic as the main landscape.

– The Game
There are some terms used in this game, such as crew, ship, and sector. In this game, you have to destroy the opponent’s space base before your base is destroyed. Space consists of some sectors. There are a central, alpha and beta, two side sectors, gamma, and home sector. Each team has a home sector as the base. In order to destroy your opponent’s base, you have to open the jump path and capture any base in the alpha and beta sector.

– The Features
There are a lot of cool features that you can find in Fractured Space. You can play in a big scale of space combat in this game. This scale you can’t find in any other games. The players can battle in various sectors in a big capital spaceship. You will experience something new by playing in your PC. A lot of massive shooter battle and strategies are needed to play the game.

You will experience an attractive and awesome game by playing the multiplayer online battle, Fractured Space. The challenging combats are waiting for you in the spaceship.

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