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Farm Town – Happy farming Day & Food Farm Game City for Spending Your Time

September 1, 2020

Farm Town – Happy farming Day & Food Farm Game City for Spending Your Time – For the people who like to build some designs, cities, and others, they may play the Farm Town. This game is a simulation game that allows the player to build the farm town. In this game, the player can get the experience to be a farmer in the village. The plater can grow some various crops such as corn, vegetables, flowers, and others. Then, they can harvest the crops every single day. Another activity is by making some delicious food from the crops that have been harvested before. In addition, the goods can be sold in several places such as towns, neighbors, and townsfolk. As a return, the player can get several points. In addition, the player is also able to have some pets such as sheep and create a zoo on their farm. If the player has cows on their farm, they can take the milk of cows and sell it to the town. Well, it’s such a nice game to play.

The new version of the Farm Town provides several services that can help the player in playing the game. The first one is to build a farm building. The player also can upgrade the farm building after they reach some point. They also have a chance to see the redecorated town. After that, for the player that have many harvested goods, they can sell it in the Kiosk. And then, they can exchange it to buy the dairy and jewelry. It will give satisfaction to the player. In order to improve the quality of the farm building and village, the player can purchase several furniture, flower, and plants to decorate their village. The player also can meet the new characters that are Margaret and Peter. They will also be given a mission to save the circus performances. Then, the player can work in the mine and get rewards about it. Those are the activities that can be done in the new version of this game.

How to play the Farm Town? Well, you may need to download the APK application of this game in the play store. This is a free game so that the player doesn’t need to purchase the game.

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