Build Your Own Town with Township

Build Your Own Town with Township – Having a dream to have and manage your own town? Perhaps you should practice before making your dream come true by playing the town-managing simulator game. There are some games that offer you this kind of thing, but the recommended one is Township.
• One Game for All
Township definitely has everything. You can learn to manage the town since basically this game is a time-management game. You can build the farm and also plant some crops. There are some animated people who will order what you produce, and you will send the order by helicopter. Then, you can build houses and community building with the money. Surely, this isn’t like playing in that actually delivers you real money, but it should be fun too.

The fun will not stop there. You need to buy the mine and you can mine the ores and extract them to be used as jewellery or to boost the ships. Oh! You can build the harbour to send ships to other islands that will be unlocked in some levels. You will get three trains that will send the order to some other towns and bring back the goods to enlarge your town or to build some buildings.

• Play It Online with Your Coop
This game is an online game and one of the online benefits is that you can join a coop and with your friends work together and help each other to fulfil a mission or each other’s orders. There is Regatta which is actually a championship among coops to make rank higher and move up the league since the higher the league the more valuable the prize will be. You can also ask for help or products from your coop friends. So, it is a nice chance to build your teamwork and to meet new people from around the world.

• Many Events to Celebrate!
This game is one of those games that celebrate many things. You will get an update if there will be a holiday, for example, Halloween, Christmas, and also Easter. The update usually includes the extra minigame, prizes, and also decorations.

Not only that, you can also get some extra events outside the holiday season. The extra events are usually in the form of minigames and are held for one week. You can participate in playing the games, compete with other players, and win a prize if you can reach some ranks in the leader board.

This game will really challenge your time-management since the higher your level, the more difficult the challenges will be. Ready to build a town? Download the game now!

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