Be the Chef in Sushi Go Round

Playing a simple game is interesting and can release our stress. Sushi Go Round is a free game which can play in PC. This is an easy game which comes in various levels and mode. You can express yourself by becoming the chef for creating sushi that suits your taste and style.

About Sushi Go Round
Sushi Go Round develops by Asylum Entertainment. It is published by South Peak Games in 2010. If you love to play Cake Mania and similar cooking games, you will love with this game. This game can be played by children, teenager or adult. This game combines memory and dexterity. Sushi Go Round can be played in PC for free.
The player will act as a sushi chef. Your task is making the delicious sushi for your customers. You don’t need in hurry to prepare the food and serve for the customers. The sushi will be served to the customers through the belt which will bring the sushi around to the customers. The customers will take their food by taking it from the moving belt. It just likes a real modern sushi place. The setting is made do real and looking awesome with the kitchen set and recipe books.

How to Play
Sushi Go Round is a simple game. The players just need to make the sushi according to the recipe books. The player will start with simple ingredients to make the sushi. You have to make and roll your sushi in the sushi mat and place it to the moving belt. The goal of the game is that you have to make a profit for your sushi restaurant. The challenge begins when you need to buy the run out ingredients to full your stock to make the sushi for your customers.

The game will start once you click the Play button to begin your action. There will be a set of goal for each day. Your task is to finish and success the goals for each day. If you pass it, you can go to the next level. In the beginning, you will be the substitute chef which will perform for one week as a trial. By your trial days, you can follow the recipes to make the sushi for your customers. You can’t let your customer wait for the food for long. It will make them angry and you can lose your money.

Sushi Go Round is a simple game which can be used to release your stress. You will be a substitute chef for a week trial and your performance will bring you to the next level. You need to serve your customers by making their sushi and make a profit for each day.

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