The Line of Superstar Games

The Line of Superstar Games

The Line of Superstar Games – Hey Kpopers, there are some games which definitely made for you. There is a line of Superstar games. So, this is not one game, but you can find your favourite one. There are Superstar SMTOWN, Superstar BTS, Superstar PLEDIS, and Superstar JYPNATION. Those games are from different company, but they are the same.
• Play the Song and Moves Your Fingers

So it is practically a song game, just like guitar heroes. Some dots are coming to you in the same beat as the song and you should touch it on time to get a perfect combo, miss a little you get good, and if you miss one you will lose the combo.

This game is perfect for Kpopers, since you know the song and you will move your fingers along with the beat easily. However, there are usually three levels; easy, medium, and hard with a different score, of course you get higher score with the hard one. This should remind you that if you stick on online Sbobet in longer you will get higher money prize.

Not only complete the song without failing, but you can also compete with other players online and move up your rank. If you move your rank into top five, you may get some prizes that will help you play easier and move to higher league.

• Collect the Card
Besides of your skill, you need to collect some cards that you can equip which will help you get a higher score. There are some levels for the cards too start from the lower C, B, A, S, and R. You can level up the cards by fill the five stars and upgrade it using the same-level card with full five stars. To get a higher score, you need to collect the card with the same theme.
Already know the way to play, what are you waiting for then? Just download it for free from Playstore and push that start button. Enjoy the music, make your fingers dance!

Sail The Infinite Desert In Alto’s Odyssey
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Sail The Infinite Desert In Alto’s Odyssey

Sail The Infinite Desert In Alto’s Odyssey – Platformers often regarded as ‘lower-end game’, but they are actually perfect for casual gamers who are looking for some thrill without confusing controls. Besides, there exist platformers with quality design such as Alto’s Odyssey – a relaxing game that allows you to an instant adventure crossing sand dunes!
• Sail The Sands With Friends
In this game, players will have Alto (the main playable character) across obstacles in his journey. The controls are super simple, but there will be more combinations the further you go. However, generally speaking, Alto’s Odyssey leans to the relaxing side, so it can be enjoyed by casual and hardcore players alike without getting too boring.

Speaking of which, Alto will meet new friends that will accompany his journey – there will be six new selectable characters in total who had their own capabilities that will be useful in their trip. The journey started from plain deserts, then continued to different biomes such as temples and canyons. Feeling familiar? The same theme is often used for online games in.

• Eye-Catching Minimalistic Design
The first thing that catches the eyes in this game is the design. Yes, Alto’s Odyssey offers simple graphic style without minimizing the aesthetic value. Every time Alto progressed to a new biome, the color scheme will change.

However, what makes the game interesting is that the backgrounds are never truly ‘flat’ like some platformers can be. Instead, the designers took some care to make layers of the scenery, creating the impression that we are currently crossing a vast desert. On top of that, the shapes and colors are easy on the eyes, so you can play for a long time without straining the eyes.

• Don’t Forget To Wear Headphones
Did we mention beautiful, original soundtracks? This is the one thing that you can’t miss in Alto’s Odyssey! Not just the background music, the effects are also originally made by the developer. They especially recommend using headphones to fully enjoy the gaming experience.

If you want to truly enjoy the soundtracks while relaxing, you can also try and play with the Zen Mode. Here, you can play without worrying about scores, coins, nor power-ups. Instead, there is only Alto and serene original soundtracks sailing along the endless desert.

When we look for free games, it’s hard to find those with original soundtracks and graphic design with astounding quality. However, Alto’s Odyssey certainly fits the bill. If you like the game and want more, you can also try Alto’s Adventure, this time on snowy mountains. Happy gaming!

Farm Town – Happy farming Day & Food Farm Game City for Spending Your Time
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Farm Town – Happy farming Day & Food Farm Game City for Spending Your Time

Farm Town – Happy farming Day & Food Farm Game City for Spending Your Time – For the people who like to build some designs, cities, and others, they may play the Farm Town. This game is a simulation game that allows the player to build the farm town. In this game, the player can get the experience to be a farmer in the village. The plater can grow some various crops such as corn, vegetables, flowers, and others. Then, they can harvest the crops every single day. Another activity is by making some delicious food from the crops that have been harvested before. In addition, the goods can be sold in several places such as towns, neighbors, and townsfolk. As a return, the player can get several points. In addition, the player is also able to have some pets such as sheep and create a zoo on their farm. If the player has cows on their farm, they can take the milk of cows and sell it to the town. Well, it’s such a nice game to play.

The new version of the Farm Town provides several services that can help the player in playing the game. The first one is to build a farm building. The player also can upgrade the farm building after they reach some point. They also have a chance to see the redecorated town. After that, for the player that have many harvested goods, they can sell it in the Kiosk. And then, they can exchange it to buy the dairy and jewelry. It will give satisfaction to the player. In order to improve the quality of the farm building and village, the player can purchase several furniture, flower, and plants to decorate their village. The player also can meet the new characters that are Margaret and Peter. They will also be given a mission to save the circus performances. Then, the player can work in the mine and get rewards about it. Those are the activities that can be done in the new version of this game.

How to play the Farm Town? Well, you may need to download the APK application of this game in the play store. This is a free game so that the player doesn’t need to purchase the game.

Shoot Without the Blood In TIME LOCKER-Shooter
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Shoot Without the Blood In TIME LOCKER-Shooter

Shoot Without the Blood In TIME LOCKER-Shooter – Shooter games can be super fun, but the gory details can put off some people. However, that doesn’t mean they need to be bloody to be entertaining. In fact, you can play an entertaining shooter game such as TIME LOCKER-shooter, which have interesting graphics and mechanics without the usual blood-spray in shooter games.

• Shooting Game, But You Can Pick Your Own Pace
As shooting games are a part of arcade game variety, it’s no wonder that people often thought of it as fast-paced games. And, depending on the person, fast-paced games will need at least a certain degree of concentration which induces stress to some. So, people whose eyes are bad with speed or tend to get stressed easily may not enjoy shooter games. except for TIME LOCKER, that’s it.

After all, TIME LOCKER-Shooter has an interesting gaming mechanics that only allows the preys to move when your fingers are moving on the screen. Otherwise, the game will stop as long as you don’t touch the screen, allowing some time to observe and plan where to shoot. This is such a perfect handicap especially when each prey have different running speed. After those online games in , there is finally an interesting game to play.

• Get More Relaxed With Natural Soundtracks
Another thing that makes this game super relaxing is the sound choice. The developer blends forest noises and urban sounds within the game. So, the gaming experience is definitely different compared to other shooting games. One may call it distinctive but in a pleasant way. You’d definitely want to wear earphones for the best experience!


• Collect Animals In Pretty Graphics
Remember when we said there will be no blood? Well, that’s because the graphic style simply will not allow it. Instead of realistic (or trying to be realistic) graphics, TIME LOCKER-Shooter uses geometric style with different shades of color for the animals/preys with simple gray and white background. So, the game will appeal simple and yet aesthetic. Plus, you don’t have to play the game to enjoy their aesthetic – simply shoot them, and they will show up in your collection More variety of animals you can shoot, more preys will be added to your collection.

Instead of blood, you’d see different types of animals in an aesthetic geometric style. Every time you shoot a new variety, you will add them to your collection. Plus, the game will only run as long as your fingers are moving on the screen – giving it an interesting mechanic to play with.

Get A Nostalgic Trip Anywhere With John GBA Lite – GBA Emulator
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Get A Nostalgic Trip Anywhere With John GBA Lite – GBA Emulator

Get A Nostalgic Trip Anywhere With John GBA Lite – GBA Emulator – Games are a big part in childhoods of many people. Though the games we play back then are not as advanced as those available today, they are still enjoyable to play while bringing all the nostalgia. However, you don’t need the old consoles to enjoy a trip to the past – emulators such as John GBA Lite can help you.

• Why Emulators?
Surely, every game has their own specified platform to play with. Retro games were especially clear with this – there are different types of consoles such as Atari, Game Boy, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation 1 to play with. Yes, they are ancient and we can’t even play online poker games through those devices.

However, with the advancement of technology, these consoles are now abandoned and people began sharing the game files for free on the internet. This is where emulators came in – you can play those retro games using emulators without the need of buying the consoles and connectors to set them up on newer screens. Plus, many effective emulators are free!

• What Can I Play With This Emulator?
Just like different consoles offering different games, different emulators offer different console types to play with. In this case, John GBA Lite especially offers an Android emulator for Game Boy and Game Boy Advanced games. It can be downloaded for free and super light (only 3,2 MBs!) Since GBA files are also light, you can download multiple games and play using this emulator without bogging down your smartphone no matter how inferior the memory space or the CPU is. It came with ads, but you can play without any interruption as long as you disable your internet connection while playing.

• Where Are The Games?
One thing to note is that this app only offers the emulator, not ready-play games. So, you have to download the games yourself before playing. This, of course, is an easy chore given that there are many sites that offer old game files for free. Try to look for Game Boy and Game Boy Advanced games in sites such as emuparadise, extract it from the .rar file to a folder, then search the game through the app – the game should appear and can be accessed immediately.

What’s interesting about emulators like this is that both the game and the emulator itself is super lightweight. So, you can cram a lot of old consoles (in this case, Game Boy and Game Boy Advance) games into your smartphone for free – quite a good deal for those who still enjoy retro games or simply want a nostalgic trip to their childhood.

Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue, a Challenge Free Game on Android
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Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue, a Challenge Free Game on Android

Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue, a Challenge Free Game on Android – If you are looking for a challenge game for your Android, you can try to play the Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue. This is a challenge game that is developed by the Gameloft. What is the main activity of the game? Well, this game will tell about the poacher that suddenly attacks the animals in their forest. In order to save the wild animal from the poacher, the player needs to rescue the animals and bring them to the zoo of the player. It sounds a little bit difficult but it will be so much fun and challenging to play.

The Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue has several interesting aspects that attract the player to play this game. The first one is the presentation of the game. Well, this game is developed with the amazing presentation that is made from the isometric view, detail of art, and filled with several colors. In addition, to make a real experience of animal rescue, this game provides the 3D models. So, the animal and the environment will feel so realistic and give real experience to the players. If the mission has been accomplished, the player can go to the next level. They are also able to purchase the equipment to help them for finishing their mission. Well, there are several types of missions.

Each type will have a different task. The missions are Into the Wild, Safari Around the World, Age of Dinosaurus, Create the Most Amazing Zoo and Repopulate the Wilderness. The first mission that should be finished is Into the Wild. In this mission, the player can enjoy the 3D animal and follow the origin story. After that, Safari Around the World will require the player to bring back the animal to the zoo by using 7 animal maps. The Age of Dinosaurus will require the player to save 9 dinosaurs from the pre-historic are. Create the Most Amazing Zoo will ask the player to arrange their zoo as an amazing zoo. And, the last one is Repopulate the Wilderness that requires the player to release the animal to their habitats.

In order to play this game, the player can download and install it from the Play Store. It’s a free game. In some versions, there will be some advertisements shown in the game. You can disable the advertisement by adjusting to the setting option of the phone.

Cookbook Master – Master Your Chef Skills Game
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Cookbook Master – Master Your Chef Skills Game

Cookbook Master – Master Your Chef Skills Game – If you are looking for a free simulation game for your android, you can try to install the Cookbook Master – Master Your Chef Skills Game. This is a simulation game that can make the player gets to experience in the cooking. In this game, the player can master several delicious recipes. They can also try to complete their kitchen with the best kitchen equipment like a pro.

Well, there are several activities that can be done by the player such as frying, cooking, baking, and glazing the foods. Then, they can open the next level of the several kinds of cuisines. There also have include mini games and other gambling games you can try on for other genre option games.

The players are able to use more than 40 ingredients such as eggs, potatoes, mushrooms, chocolate, and others. In addition, to give the real experience towards the player, there are more than 30 real-life recipes such as White Cake, Beef Stroganoff, Hamburger and others. Moreover, the player can upgrade the kitchen equipment to be a pro class so that the player can cook the food in a better way. The mini-games are available so that the player can master the skill of cooking such as how to break the eggs, how to slice the fruit and others. If the player has finished the cookbook, they will get the all-star rating in every recipe. In this way, they become a professional expert. There are several benefits from playing this game such as the player is used to execute a recipe to be a delicious dish. In this case, it will help the player to do it in real life. Then, they can handle the kitchen and make delicious food. Well, there are several good reviews regarding Cookbook Master – Master Your Chef Skills games. Many players have the opinion that this game contains a great ad easy graphic. It’s a useful game to kill time. In addition, they can also be used for learning how to cook.

How to install the Cookbook Master – Master Your Chef Skills? Well, the player can install this game by download the application in the Google Play Store from their Android. This is a free game. So, the player does not need to pay for the registration of the game. Well, as time goes on, the player may need to update the application of the game. The updated application will give some benefits such as the improving recipe screen, better endgame screen, and can add more users to the game.

GardenScapes Make the Garden Beautiful by Finding the Lost Things
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GardenScapes Make the Garden Beautiful by Finding the Lost Things

GardenScapes: Make the Garden Beautiful by Finding the Lost Things – Decoration game will never be this interesting. You will befriend with Austin the Butler and his family and help him to find lost things requested by the neighbours. This game will make you addicted to searching the things and decorating the garden.

• The Sequel of Homescapes
This game is actually not the first game, but the sequel of a similar game, Homescapes. Austin the Butler is trusted to take care of a mansion. Unfortunately, the mansion is already in bad condition. The game player should look for things that are requested by the neighbours and they will pay. The money can be used to buy furniture, tiles, wallpapers, or anything to make the mansion beautiful.

Similar to that game, Gardenscapes also combines decorating and hidden object games, but in this game, the game player should decorate the garden and guess what, it is not a small garden. The player has lots of things to fix and the game will not be boring, just as you can’t get boring by playing online casino games and earn some real money isn’t boring at all.

• Engaging Story
This game also has an engaging story for the players. The story about Austin’s family and also how neighbours are connected with this mansion and garden are really touching. It feels that this is a true story and will make players help Austin more.

• Several Hints for You
Sometimes the goods are difficult to find but don’t worry, Austin gives you several hints that you can use. Just reach some points and the hints will be available for you or the hints will come up if you find special things. In Android version you can also buy a pack of hints, but you can also get some hints for free.

This game will definitely refresh your mental with its story, graphic, and music. It will help you to sharpen your skill too in finding the hidden object and decorating your house. Want to start now? Just download the pc or android version available for free.

The Stories of Mom and Chef in Delicious Series
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The Stories of Mom and Chef in Delicious Series

The Stories of Mom and Chef in Delicious Series – A time-management story, it is already common to have a cooking game with busy orders. Cook the dish, send it to the customers, and clean the tables; they are common things to do in such game. However, there is a series of time-management game that has an engaging story about dream, family, passion, love, and delicious dishes.
• Have Continuous Heartwarming Story

This series begins with the story of Emily, a chef that has a dream to make her own restaurant. She tries to pursue her dream by being a celebrity chef, being an intern in a famous restaurant, and going around the world. However, Emily also has some events with her family and love life that lead her to some decision about her dream. The heartwarming story will develop along with the levels you finish.

Not only Emily, sometimes you can play with other characters such as Emily’s dad and om, also her best friend, Francois. Sometimes you can play other games rather than cooking in restaurant such as serving in a hospital or in a spa. So, this game wins in the matter of variety game even though you may not find it.

• 50 Levels with Bonus Levels
In one series, you will need to complete 50 levels that are usually divided into five parts so in each part you will have 10 levels. Not only that, but you also can play the bonus levels so you can get more points to buy the kitchen tools or decoration, or diamonds to buy a present.

To make the game more exciting, each level may have a different challenge that will need more skill on time-management. You also need to catch the mouse since you will not want any mouse in your restaurant. Besides, the mouse will give you more points and you can unlock an achievement.

• Free to Play
All of these series of the game may not be free on its official website, but you can download the cracked version. You don’t need to pay anything from the game so it’s totally free. Some series of the game only can be played on the PC, but now you can download the game freely from play store since it has the android version now. The android version maybe not as complex as the PC version but it is still good and worth to play.
The game is worth to play since you can learn to manage your time efficiently and also get a good background story. Be ready to droll since this game is really delicious.

Build Your Own Town with Township
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Build Your Own Town with Township

Build Your Own Town with Township – Having a dream to have and manage your own town? Perhaps you should practice before making your dream come true by playing the town-managing simulator game. There are some games that offer you this kind of thing, but the recommended one is Township.
• One Game for All
Township definitely has everything. You can learn to manage the town since basically this game is a time-management game. You can build the farm and also plant some crops. There are some animated people who will order what you produce, and you will send the order by helicopter. Then, you can build houses and community building with the money. Surely, this isn’t like playing in that actually delivers you real money, but it should be fun too.

The fun will not stop there. You need to buy the mine and you can mine the ores and extract them to be used as jewellery or to boost the ships. Oh! You can build the harbour to send ships to other islands that will be unlocked in some levels. You will get three trains that will send the order to some other towns and bring back the goods to enlarge your town or to build some buildings.

• Play It Online with Your Coop
This game is an online game and one of the online benefits is that you can join a coop and with your friends work together and help each other to fulfil a mission or each other’s orders. There is Regatta which is actually a championship among coops to make rank higher and move up the league since the higher the league the more valuable the prize will be. You can also ask for help or products from your coop friends. So, it is a nice chance to build your teamwork and to meet new people from around the world.

• Many Events to Celebrate!
This game is one of those games that celebrate many things. You will get an update if there will be a holiday, for example, Halloween, Christmas, and also Easter. The update usually includes the extra minigame, prizes, and also decorations.

Not only that, you can also get some extra events outside the holiday season. The extra events are usually in the form of minigames and are held for one week. You can participate in playing the games, compete with other players, and win a prize if you can reach some ranks in the leader board.

This game will really challenge your time-management since the higher your level, the more difficult the challenges will be. Ready to build a town? Download the game now!

Free Online Game: Fractured Space
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Free Online Game: Fractured Space

If you are a game lover, you must be familiar with the multiplayer games. Fractured Space can be your choice if you want to play the multiplayer online games with space as the background. You will love with this game if you love to play multiplayer online battle arena games.

– About Fractured Space
It is an online game which allows you to battle the capital spaceships in the team. The Fractured Space is developed and published by Edge Case Games. This game is played in a team and can be played by more than 10 players in a team. This game is a breakthrough in multiplayer online games which included shooter and spaceship with an attractive galactic as the main landscape.

– The Game
There are some terms used in this game, such as crew, ship, and sector. In this game, you have to destroy the opponent’s space base before your base is destroyed. Space consists of some sectors. There are a central, alpha and beta, two side sectors, gamma, and home sector. Each team has a home sector as the base. In order to destroy your opponent’s base, you have to open the jump path and capture any base in the alpha and beta sector.

– The Features
There are a lot of cool features that you can find in Fractured Space. You can play in a big scale of space combat in this game. This scale you can’t find in any other games. The players can battle in various sectors in a big capital spaceship. You will experience something new by playing in your PC. A lot of massive shooter battle and strategies are needed to play the game.

You will experience an attractive and awesome game by playing the multiplayer online battle, Fractured Space. The challenging combats are waiting for you in the spaceship.

The ARK: Survival Evolved
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The ARK: Survival Evolved

Do you love dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures? If it so, maybe ARK: Survival Evolved is the game that you looking for. ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival and action game that can play freely in your PC. Isn’t it excited?

– The Overview
ARK: Survival Evolved is an adventure and survival game which is developed by Studio Wildcard. The process to create and develop this game starts in October 2014. Studio Wildcard takes the Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement, and Instinct Games to develop this game and later, the game releases in 2017 for some platforms. They are Microsoft Windows, Linux, Play Station 4 and Xbox One.

ARK: Survival Evolved is published by the Studio Wildcard. It is directed by Jesse Rapczak and Jeremy Stieglitz. It produces by Dave Loyd and Navin Supphapholsiri. The music is composed by Gareth Coker. It uses Unreal Engine 4 and released for various platforms. This is an action and adventure games which can be played either by single or multi players at the same time. The player has to survive in the island which full of dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures, and humans as the enemies.

– The Game
In order to survive, the player has an advantage the surroundings to life. The player needs to live with prehistoric nature and creatures that can danger the player’s life. It takes an open world as the setting of the game. It is played from a third or first-person perspective. It is a common term used in the video game. The player has to build their base and create the daily activities during the game. The background of the game is an island which is called the Ark which surrounds by the ocean.

If you are the fan of dinosaurs, you will love to see 132 types of dinosaur which lived in the Ark. The player can make their dinosaurs their pet by taming them. The way to tame the animal is through a certain strategy which needed weapons to attack the animal. Once the dinosaur is beating down, the player can feed them. The dinosaur will alley with the player once it is tamed. In order to survive, the players can collect the weapons and create the base with another enemy to make the character has significant progress.

ARK: Survival Evolved is an adventure and action game. It is developed by Studio Wildcard. It already releases for several platforms. The player needs to survive in the Ark and fight with dangerous prehistoric creatures to make its character progress.

Review of Audition Online
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Review of Audition Online

Audition online is free PC online game which quite legendary until nowadays. In this game, the player will be served by various genre of music from around the world. The player needs to push the button on their keyboard or mouse to synchronize the button which will appear on the screen with the selected music.

  • About the Audition Online
    Audition Online has other various names in some countries around the world. In Indonesia, you know this game as Ayo Dance. While in Japan, this game is known as X-BEAT. Audition Online is developed by T3 Entertainment. It publishes by YD Online in 2004 up to 2015. The Hanbitsoft takes over it’s publishing from 2015 up to present. The Audition Online game releases in several countries around the world, such as Korea, North America, United Kingdom, and Europe. It is an MMOG or multiplayer game which allows several players to play at the same time.
  • The History
    Audition Online is a music game which can be played freely in your PC or computer. T3 Entertainment developed and created this game. In 2005, Audition Online released to Royworld. Later on, took it on June 2006 and rename the game to be Club Audition. The game has been published to several counties outside Korea and rename into different titles. During its progress, Audition Online has changed into several publishers until it went into Hanbitsoft and become the official publishers until now.
  • The Game
    The player can create a room to dance. This layer will call as the DJ. He/she has the ability to choose the type of the song, mode, and others. The song chosen will be played based on the beat for a minute which will affect the difficulty of the moves and the speed.

The player just needs to follow the instruction on the screen by pressing the button in the keyboard or the mouse. There will be arrows on the screen, the players need to press the arrow and control key. The player needs to press it accurately to get a high score. There are some modes in Audition Online which can be selected by the player. They are Beat up, Beat Rush, Block Beat, Club Dance, Couple Mode, Boy’s & Girl’s, Shooting Stars and Guitar Mode.

Audition Online is a free online PC game which has a multiplayer mode. It is a simple and easy game. While playing the games, you can enjoy various genres of music from around the world. There are many game modes which can select by the player to play.

Be the Chef in Sushi Go Round

Be the Chef in Sushi Go Round

Playing a simple game is interesting and can release our stress. Sushi Go Round is a free game which can play in PC. This is an easy game which comes in various levels and mode. You can express yourself by becoming the chef for creating sushi that suits your taste and style.

About Sushi Go Round
Sushi Go Round develops by Asylum Entertainment. It is published by South Peak Games in 2010. If you love to play Cake Mania and similar cooking games, you will love with this game. This game can be played by children, teenager or adult. This game combines memory and dexterity. Sushi Go Round can be played in PC for free.
The player will act as a sushi chef. Your task is making the delicious sushi for your customers. You don’t need in hurry to prepare the food and serve for the customers. The sushi will be served to the customers through the belt which will bring the sushi around to the customers. The customers will take their food by taking it from the moving belt. It just likes a real modern sushi place. The setting is made do real and looking awesome with the kitchen set and recipe books.

How to Play
Sushi Go Round is a simple game. The players just need to make the sushi according to the recipe books. The player will start with simple ingredients to make the sushi. You have to make and roll your sushi in the sushi mat and place it to the moving belt. The goal of the game is that you have to make a profit for your sushi restaurant. The challenge begins when you need to buy the run out ingredients to full your stock to make the sushi for your customers.

The game will start once you click the Play button to begin your action. There will be a set of goal for each day. Your task is to finish and success the goals for each day. If you pass it, you can go to the next level. In the beginning, you will be the substitute chef which will perform for one week as a trial. By your trial days, you can follow the recipes to make the sushi for your customers. You can’t let your customer wait for the food for long. It will make them angry and you can lose your money.

Sushi Go Round is a simple game which can be used to release your stress. You will be a substitute chef for a week trial and your performance will bring you to the next level. You need to serve your customers by making their sushi and make a profit for each day.

The Fun Game: Loadout
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The Fun Game: Loadout

If you are looking for a shooter games in a fun style, you can try to play Loadout. The player can customize their weapons which make this game attractive and fun. This is multiplayer video games which can be played by some people at the same time.

About Loadout
Loadout is third-person shooter video games which free to play by some players at the same time. It is developed and published by Edge of Reality. This game is originally made for Microsoft windows. Later, this game also remake for the PlayStion4 version. The character is so unique and has funny expression which makes this game fun to play.

The player can change its weapon and the avatar using the poins. This game has various modes that can be chosen by the players. The character is inspired by some heroes in movies, such as Rambo and many others.

The Game Modes
There are some game modes that you can play in Loadout. They are Annihilation, Blitz, Death Snatch, Jackhammer and Extraction. In the Annihilation mode, the team has to collect 10,000 for the score. This mode combines several elements from other modes which allow the players to bring down the bottle of Blutonium. The bottle can be reached to increase the team’s score. In the Death Snatch mode, the Blutonium also can be used to add the score of the player’s team. In the Extraction mode, the wining team is determined by the quickest team which can collect t host number of Blutonium. In the Blitz mode, the player has to take the enemy’s boxer. In the Jackhammer mode, the player also has to catch the flag and take the hammer.

The Loadout is a fun action game which takes some popular movie figures as the character. This game is suitable for those who love with shooter games that can be played by multiplayer.

The Challenging Cave Story
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The Challenging Cave Story

The Cave Story is a platform game. This is an action game which demands the player to have various moves to avoid any barriers. The atmosphere of the game will remain you with the Castlevania game which the player meet different kinds of features of blocks, such as high platform, terrain, and blocks.

The History
The Cave Story is created by Daisuke Amaya. Amaya needs less five years to create and finish the whole aspects of the game. It can be said that Daisuke Amaya is the designer, writer and the composer of the Cave Story. The game itself was released in Windows PC in 2004.

Soon after the game released, it gains its popularity among the gamers. As a result of its popularity, the Cave Story has been remade into various version and series for commercial game brands, such as Nintendo, WiiWare, and DSiWare also more.

The Games
This game takes place in a floating island where the small rabbit looks like life. Those creatures are called the mimigas. In order to play the games, the player can jump, hop and run using the keyboard to control the character. The player has to escape from the floating island to save. There are many weapons which available in this game. The weapons have its level which can go up and down depends on the players act in defeating the enemy.

The player can collect man weapons during the game. He/she can activate the weapons by clicking the button. This game is fun because there are many variations that can make the player get surprised. In order to win the battle and escape from the island, the player must face various things and objects during the game.

The Cave Story is an offline game that can be freely downloaded through the internet. This PC game is interesting and challenging. The player has to try escaping from the island to survive.

Review of Trial Xtreme 4
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Review of Trial Xtreme 4

If you like to bicycle, the Trial Xtreme 4 may become the right game for you. This game is quite popular because it can rush your adrenaline. In this game, the player will ride the bicycle and passing through the extreme bicycle tracking.

Trial Xtreme 4

About the Trial Xtreme 4
Trial Xtreme 4 is developed by Demmedya INC and can be played in any smartphone with a minimal operating system which runs in Android 4.1. At a glance, this game looks like the PC game but this android game is the simpler version of the PC game. The track is so challenging. The player has to jump, turn around and use various tricks to pass the bicycle tracks.
The first series of Trial Xtreme was launched in 2012. Unlike in the other series, in Trial Xtreme 4, the players can choose to race with other players rather than play by the single player. The player can race with another player to be the fastest ones. There are three modes which offered by the Trial Xtreme 4. You can try the practice mode and follow the instructions. It will help you to learn many tricks to win the game

The Virtual Buttons
There are 5 virtual buttons in Trial Xtreme 4. There are three buttons on the left sides and two buttons on the right sides. The left buttons are the right button, left button and hopping button. The right buttons are the brake and run buttons. The right and left buttons are used to position the rider in his motor trails. Hopping button is used to hop in the trail. The brake button uses to stop the motor trail. The run button uses to start the engine of the motor trail.

Trial Xtreme 4 is a free online android game which suitable for those who loves to pump their adrenaline and love with trails world. You can play this game on your android by running the virtual buttons.

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