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6 Online Game Forums From Domestic and Abroad

In playing the game, there are now a lot of various online game forums that you can find. Of course there are lots of things that you can get if you join an online game forum.
One of them you can get to know more about what kind of game you want to play. Of course, every game is basically different from other games. For that, there are several forums that you can use below:

DOTA 2 Forums
DOTA 2 is a game that comes from Valve and takes the MOBA theme, namely Multiplayer Online Battle. In fact, this game is quite famous and is able to produce various high-class players. There are lots of players who are already famous for playing this DOTA 2 game. Examples are Na’vi, Evil Genuises, OG, Newbee and various other players. In fact, this game is indeed famous for giving extraordinary prizes. In fact, many players are competing to get the prize. Not only abroad, in Indonesia there is also a well-known online game forum. Call it like Evos which is one of the DOTA 2 forums that you can rely on. This DOTA 2 game forum is already famous everywhere because it already has a tournament every year. And this tournament is named as The International which offers a variety of heroes that can be played for free.

League of Legends Forum
Then the League Of Legends forum is the second forum. The first time this League Legends game was introduced by Riot. Even this game is a game that belongs to the MOBA or Multiplayer Battle Online. Even this forum provides various kinds of heroes and skins that you can use. With various characters and skins, it will certainly make the character more beautiful. The goal of this game is just to destroy the ancient or the last core of the enemy to get victory.

PUBG Forums

PUBG Forums
Who doesn’t know PUBG? PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds is a fairly well-known game. Now this game is not only available on the PC, but has a mobile version.
In fact, this game forum has been widely spread everywhere, especially for those of you who often play PUBG. Of course you can just join the online game forum. Basically this game is a game that takes the theme of survival. There are so many things you can get. Call it like a weapon that you can use to survive in the game. It can be seen that the pvp genre game forum is visited by more visitors than slot online game forums, the reason being that players prefer competitive games

Overwatch Forum
Overwatch is a game that relies on FPS or first person shooter. This game is a game developed directly by Blizzard Entertainment. This Overwatch Forum also often holds various events that you can participate in. But if you want to play the game Overwatch, of course you have to pay first. This is important to make it easier for you to follow this Overwatch forum. How? Interested in joining Overwatch? It turns out that there are lots of forums that make it easy for players to join them. There are forums with well-known games up to paid games here. How? Curious about the forum? If you are curious, you can just join the forum that you like.