5 Weird Things About This Casino Really Happened

Chatting about casinos is like discussing the ocean. The player feels that he knows a lot about the topic, but there are many surprising facts that always emerge. There are stories about slot machines with a jackpot prize of 25 million dollars and there are also players who have unique talismans so they can always win bets. What other stories about the casino?

FedEx Founder Survived Bankruptcy For Winning Gambling in Vegas
Who would have thought that playing bets could make a well-known company survive the financial crisis? This miracle happened to the founders of FedEx. At that time the company he led was not that big and had been hit by various crises.
With the company’s $5,000 remaining, the FedEx owner flew to Vegas and played Blackjack. He won $27,000 and saved his company. It took a while to achieve a profit of 11 million dollars from existing capital.

Betting Players Can Isolate Themselves From The Casino
The thing that most players fear is being on the edge of online addiction. They can fall at any time and cannot return to normal as before. Due to this situation, players are given the latitude to isolate themselves from online betting. The name of this program is different in each country. For example, Ohio has a Voluntary Exclusion program with options for temporary and lifelong isolation.

Nevada Prison Once Had A Casino For Inmates
The city of Nevada is one of the largest centers for online betting. This popularity does not only apply to local residents. Prisoners residing in Nevada prisons also have special casino facilities. Whenever they want, they can play blackjack, poker or even soccer betting.

When there was a new rule from the Nevada government, the casino was closed and prisoners could not play bets like they used to. According to the government, casinos will make prisoners more backward and underdeveloped.

Monaco Residents Can’t Play Into Local Casinos
In the city of Monaco there is a famous betting place called the Monte Carlo Casino. Millions of people from various countries are willing to cross the ocean in order to play at this casino. However, local residents cannot enter and enjoy it. This rule was set by Princess Caroline, with the compensation of local residents not having to pay taxes.

Betting Addicts Litter Casino Floors
Betting addiction makes players do not want to leave the betting table. Some people even wear sanitary napkins for adults so they don’t have to go to the toilet. Some other players choose to dirty the seats and floor so they can continue playing.

Casinos turned out to be the savior of a business from bankruptcy. Players who are already on the verge of addiction can also self-isolate from betting sites. A prison once provided casino facilities for prisoners. It turns out that Monaco residents are not allowed to enter local casinos. Of all these facts, which one surprised the players the most?